A Bottom Line Mentality in Business Is Reflected in Which Statement?

A Bottom Line Mentality in Business Is Reflected in Which Statement?

Which sentence reflects a bottom-line approach in business? “At all costs, we have to beat the others.”

You might also be thinking, What is the main drawback to Utilitarian reasoning?

The fundamental disadvantage of utilitarian reasoning is that both costs and gains are difficult to correctly assess.

Similarly, When the benefits of an action outweigh its costs the action is considered ethically preferred according to *?

According to utilitarian logic, an activity is regarded morally preferable when its advantages exceed its costs.

But then this question also arises, What is a downside to an unethical business strategy?

What are the drawbacks of a shady business strategy? It reflects poorly on the company’s and its workers’ character. Managers who are ethical in their business practices. comprehend the difference between merely having a code of ethics and ensuring that it is followed by the firm.

What is the most important factor in ethical leadership?

Everyone is treated with same respect. Respect is a crucial component of ethical behavior. Ethical leaders will treat everyone equally, from their bosses to their staff. When you don’t respect the people around you, it’s easy to create a toxic work atmosphere. 30.01.2020

Why do businesses and governments often use utilitarian thinking to determine the proper course of action?

Businesses and governments often use utilitarian reasoning to identify the best course of action since it reduces all of a decision’s effects to dollars and cents (or some other quantifiable unit of measure).

Related Questions and Answers

How is utilitarianism used in business?

Utilitarianism maintains that the most ethical decision in business and commerce is the one that will provide the most benefit for the largest number of people. As a result, it is the only moral paradigm that allows military force or conflict to be justified.

Which argument says that stakeholder management realistically depicts how companies really work?

The stakeholder theory of the firm’s normative argument claims that the stakeholder perspective is just a more accurate depiction of how organizations really run.

Which company ethics safeguard is commonly implemented?

Executives. Which workplace ethical safeguard is often used as a “helpline” for employees? Mechanisms for reporting

Why is it difficult to make ethical decisions?

Given the nature of the activities required in running a company, being ethical in business is difficult: The choices are difficult; there isn’t enough time to think things through, crucial information is absent, and so on. The rivalry is fierce, even cruel at times. 09.07.2015

What is the potential impact on companies that partake in unethical behaviour?

Both people and organizations suffer major repercussions when they engage in unethical behavior. You might lose your job and reputation, companies could lose their credibility, general morale and productivity could suffer, and your actions could result in severe penalties and/or financial losses.

What is unethical behavior in business?

Actions that do not conform to a company’s approved standards are referred to as unethical conduct in business. 23.09.2021

What are examples of unethical behavior in business?

Taking advantage of labor. – Customers who are overcharged. – Taking advantage of tax loopholes. – Leaking pollutants into the atmosphere or into bodies of water. – Prescribe medical treatments that aren’t essential. – Masking flaws in automobiles. – Creating phones in such a way that consumers unintentionally accept data prices. – Making up false identities.

How can business leaders encourage their companies to act ethically?

Managers may promote ethical conduct by expressing appreciation when they observe it in their employees’ performance assessments. If managers want their employees to act ethically, they must realize that it begins with them. Employees, for the most part, follow the lead established by management. 15.11.2018

What is a common first step when drafting an ethics code for a business?

The first stage in creating a corporate code of conduct is to determine what the guidelines are for and why they are important. 23.11.2020

What is Bentham theory of utilitarianism?

Jeremy Bentham was a philosopher, economist, jurist, and legal reformer who founded modern utilitarianism, an ethical theory that holds that actions are morally right if they tend to promote happiness or pleasure among all those affected by them (and morally wrong if they tend to promote unhappiness or pain). 11.02.2022

Why is utilitarian demanding?

One of the most prominent and long-standing criticisms of utilitarianism is that it places unreasonable obligations on humans. According to the argument, utilitarianism requires us to always do what would maximize utility, which is incompatible with common sense morality and our considered moral judgements.

How does utilitarianism affect contemporary business practice?

Utilitarianism is ubiquitous in modern corporate practice, management theory, and cost-benefit analysis decision-making. Decisions are often focused on the “bottom line” of profit, the number of stakeholders impacted, or the organization’s overall usefulness.

What is rule utilitarianism example?

Road regulations are an example of rule utilitarianism in a less severe sense. While it is true that a person may drive safely even while not adhering to a posted speed limit, it is desirable for everyone to adhere to a set of road regulations regardless of individual circumstances. 22.01.2022

Which of the following is an argument in favor of corporate social responsibility?

This collection of terms includes (7) Which of the following is a pro-corporate social responsibility argument? Dissuades the government from enforcing regulations. Which of the following businesses is doing the most good for the environment? A business that is making every effort to operate in a manner that will assist local youngsters in obtaining education and employment.

What is descriptive stakeholder theory?

Stakeholder salience, or the relevance of each stakeholder group to a corporation, is examined in this technique. This approach recognizes that each stakeholder group has its own set of interests that impact the organization in different ways, and the corporation must devise a fair framework to balance those interests. 25.02.2022

What are the core elements of effective ethical safeguards in companies?

When dealing with the public, act with honesty, competence, diligence, respect, and ethics. Keep their professional skills up to date and enhance them. Which workplace ethical safeguard is often used as a “helpline” for employees?

Which ethical criterion is described by the idea that a company should strive for efficiency quizlet?

The concept that a firm should aim for efficiency describes which ethical criterion? Egoism. Financial records of publicly traded corporations are required by law to be: A recognized professional accounting company conducted the audit.

Which of the following business strategies did the US steel industry use when it sent expert witnesses to Congress?

The privacy of user data was jeopardized in order to earn from ad sales. When the steel industry in the United States brought expert witnesses to Congress, it used which of the following commercial strategies? Strategy for monetary incentives.


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“Business managers should use all four methods of ethical reasoning” is a statement that reflects a bottom line mentality in business. The statement suggests that the company’s goals are more important than anything else and that they should be achieved at any cost. Reference: business managers should use all four methods of ethical reasoning.

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