A Global Village Can Be Best Characterized as a Business Climate in Which There Are ________?

But then this question also arises, How might a manager with a rights view of ethics?

What would a manager with a rights-based ethical perspective think about prohibiting an employee from making “misguided” political remarks on her non-company website? Individual rights and privileges are the subject of a philosophy of justice approach to ethics.

What do most high performing companies have in common when it comes to stakeholder relationships?

When it comes to stakeholder relationships, what do the majority of high-performing organizations have in common? When making key choices, high-performing firms tend to consider the interests of all stakeholder groups. Which of the following is a critical job obligation for a middle manager?

Which one of the following best characterizes a transnational corporation?

Which of the following is the most accurate description of a multinational corporation? (D) A multinational company is a “borderless organization” with various activities and no centralized headquarters. Because a transnational is not centralized and has no home country, a single central home-country management is ruled out.

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What is the significance of a global corporation?

A global firm will not be present in every country, but it will have the strategic resources to operate globally and, most crucially, maximize revenues on a global scale.

Which of the following is an example of an economic argument for corporate social responsibility?

Which of the following is a good illustration of a business case for corporate social responsibility? Because it saves money on transportation, a corporation invests in sustainable energy for its cars.

What is the primary focus of business ethics?

The goal of business ethics is to guarantee that everyone in the firm, from senior management to new employees, has an uniform moral attitude. It aids in the treatment of everyone with dignity, fairness, and honesty. 07.04.2021

How business ethics and social responsibility affect business?

Employees who agree with a company’s code of ethics and social responsibility are more likely to feel inspired and support the firm. Employers that encourage their staff to participate in community service get more approval and commitment. 15.03.2021

How can effective and ethical management provide a better business environment?

A code of ethics aids your firm in defining and maintaining acceptable conduct standards. A solid ethical framework may assist your business in navigating periods of elevated stress, such as fast development or organizational change, while also lowering your company’s risk of wrongdoing.

Which of the following best defines a multinational corporation quizlet?

Which of the following assertions is the most accurate description of a global corporation? An organization that constructs facilities across a variety of nations in order to cut production and distribution expenses.

What determines whether an organization has a strong culture or a weak culture?

What factors influence whether a company’s culture is strong or weak? … In order to do business, a strong culture requires fewer written rules and regulations than a weak culture. 18.12.2021

What is TNC in international business?

Companies that operate in more than one country are known as transnational corporations (TNCs) or multinational corporations (MNCs). TNCs include companies like Unilever, McDonald’s, and Apple.

Which of the following is a key difference between managerial and nonmanagerial employees?

Managers are in charge of overseeing and directing the work of others. Supervisory tasks are not assigned to nonmanagerial workers.

What are the characteristics of global corporations?

Assets and turnover are very high. – A branch network. – Maintaining control. – Continued expansion. – Cutting-edge technology – Appropriate abilities. – Persistent marketing and promotion. – Products of high quality.

What are the features of a global company?

– From or around the start, there was a lot of activity in foreign markets. – Financial and physical resources are limited. – Found in almost every industry. – Managers have a global perspective and an international entrepreneurial mindset. – Differentiation approach is emphasized.

What is the most important argument for CSR?

CSR is a business rationale based on economic self-interest. CSR delivers value by allowing businesses to address the demands and concerns of their different stakeholder groups. As a consequence, the company is more likely to produce more value and, as a result, keep those stakeholders’ allegiance.

What are the arguments against social responsibility of business?

– This is in direct opposition to a business’s basic function. – There is a conflict with the profit motive. – Resource Allocation Distortion – Business Values Imposition – The System’s Inefficiency. – Operational Issues

What are the characteristics of business ethics?

– I A Discipline: – (ii) An Ancient Concept: – (iii) Personal Dignity: – (iv) Human Aspect-Related: – (v) Goals and Means Analysis: – (vi) Not to be confused with Social Responsibility: – (vii) More powerful than the law:

What are the features of business ethics?

– I A Discipline: – (ii) An Ancient Concept: – (iii) Personal Dignity: – (iv) Human Aspect-Related: – (v) Goals and Means Analysis: – (vi) Not to be confused with Social Responsibility: – (vii) More powerful than the law:

What is the meaning of environmental ethics?

Environmental ethics is a subfield of applied philosophy that investigates the conceptual underpinnings of environmental values as well as more specific concerns such as social attitudes, behaviors, and policies aimed at preserving biodiversity and ecological systems.


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