A Value Chain Is the Sequence of Business Processes in Which?

The value chain, according to CIMA Official Terminology, is a series of business actions that add value to (or incur expenses for) an entity’s goods or services from the viewpoint of the end-user. 10.06.2013

You might also be thinking, What is value chain in business?

The phrase “value chain” refers to all of the commercial activities and procedures that go into making a product or providing a service. A value chain may span various phases of a product’s lifespan, from research and development through sales and all in between. 03.12.2020

But then this question also arises, What is the function of the value chain?

A value chain is a step-by-step business concept for turning an idea into a product or service. Value chains aid in increasing a company’s efficiency so that it can give the greatest value for the least amount of money.

What is value chain mapping?

Value chain mapping is a method that identifies the primary operations related with a company’s service or product line, and it is often used in corporate planning to discover chances for performance improvement. 09.01.2014

Related Questions and Answers

What is value chain in manufacturing?

The word “value chain” refers to the process through which firms obtain raw materials, add value to them via production, manufacturing, and other operations, and then sell the final product to customers.

What is value chain in strategic management?

The value chain notion is based on an organization’s process perspective. It is the concept of seeing a manufacturing (or service) organization as a dynamic system composed of numerous subsystems with their own set of inputs, transformation processes, and outputs.

What is value chain analysis in strategic management?

Value chain analysis is a method of assessing each activity in a company’s value chain to see where improvements might be made. A value chain analysis forces you to analyze how each stage contributes to or detracts from the value of your end product or service. 03.12.2020

What is a value chain example?

Example of a Value Chain Analysis McDonald’s, for example, has a purpose to deliver low-cost meals to its consumers. McDonald’s uses the study to find areas for improvement as well as initiatives that add value to their goods and services. 4 days ago

What are the major elements of the value chain?

Inbound logistics, operations, outbound logistics, marketing and sales, and services are the five major (principal) activities that yield increased earnings.

What is the sequence of an organization’s supply chain?

acquiring resources, transforming them, and delivering them to consumers

What is the relationship between the ideas of value and value chain and strategy? The value chain analysis highlights crucial areas for strategic success. Goals and how they will be attained are the subject of strategic planning.

What are the core processes in the value chain?

Inbound logistics, operations, outbound logistics, marketing and sales, and services are the five major (principal) activities that yield increased earnings.

Which of the following is the correct sequence of Diire value chain?

It includes sports like as design, manufacturing, marketing, distribution, and customer service down to the final customer. The term “value chain” refers to the many business activities and processes involved in developing a product or providing a service. 19.08.2021


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A value chain is the sequence of business processes in which a company’s product is created, sold and then used. The selling price of a company’s product is an example of the value chain. Reference: setting the selling price of a company’s product is an example of.

  • r&d, production, and customer service are business functions that are all included as part of
  • which of the following activities is value added?
  • which of the following is true of a budgeting system?
  • is the acquisition, coordination, and assembly of resources
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