According to the Text, When Making Decisions, the First Thing a Business Should Evaluate Is the?

Similarly, What is the ethical principle called where a business makes a decision that helps improve society and has a positive impact on the environment?

Corporate social responsibility combines a dedication to good corporate citizenship with a commitment to ethical decision-making, societal improvement, and environmental impact reduction.

But then this question also arises, What is the best reason for a business to be managed ethically?

A company should be run ethically for a variety of reasons, including maintaining a good reputation, retaining current customers while attracting new ones, avoiding litigation, reducing staff turnover, avoiding government interference, and pleasing consumers, workers, and society.

Is the concept that is defined as the minimum ethical behavior required to comply with the law?

4. The moral minimum is also referred to as compliance with the law. 5. Every public firm is expected to create an ethical hotline where employees may report ethical infractions.

What should you do before making a decision?

– Consider what you really want. – Seek advice from others. – Examine your motivations. – Weigh the benefits and drawbacks. – Consider if your future decision may cause harm to yourself or others.

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What are 3 factors that you should consider when making an ethical decision?

Individual, organizational, and opportunity variables are three major aspects that might impact ethical decision-making. All three of these characteristics may have a significant impact on a person’s decision-making process, particularly in the workplace.

What are the steps in the ethical decision making process?

Step 1: Identify the issue. – Step 2: Look for ResourcesStep 3: Come up with a list of possible solutions. – Step 4: Consider the Alternatives. – Step 5: Make a decision and put it into action. – Step 6: Assess Your Decision

Which is the principle of business ethics?

Corporate responsibility, personal accountability, societal responsibility, loyalty, fairness, respect, trustworthiness, and technological ethics are all part of the discipline. Sustainability, consumer loyalty, brand image, and staff retention are all highlighted.

What are the principles of CSR?

It is thus critical to be able to recognize such action, and we believe that there are three fundamental principles that underpin any CSR engagement. Sustainability, Accountability, and Transparency are three of them.

Why every business is supposed to operate and act ethically?

Business ethics improves the law by defining acceptable activities that are not governed by the government. Business ethics are established by corporations to encourage employee integrity and acquire confidence from important stakeholders such as investors and customers. While corporate ethics initiatives have grown more widespread, the quality of these programs vary. 05.10.2021

What is business ethics in simple words?

The collection of moral norms that govern how firms run, how business decisions are made, and how people are treated is defined as business ethics.

What does ethical behavior begin with?

Ethical conduct, according to the Bible, starts with you and me. From an ethical stance, sometimes the apparent decision carries personal or professional consequences. When a supervisor asks you to perform something unethical, and you reject, you may suffer unfavorable repercussions.

What is the moral minimum in an ethical decision?

Definition of a moral minimum (ethics) The explicit rule that no deliberate damage should be done is frequently regarded the basic minimum for ethical activity. noun. (ethics) A norm or principle defended as necessary for moral behavior in a specific setting or in general.

What is stakeholder theory in ethics?

Stakeholder Theory is a way of looking at capitalism that emphasizes the linked interactions that exist between a company and its customers, suppliers, workers, investors, communities, and other stakeholders. According to the principle, a company should provide value for all stakeholders, not just shareholders.

What ethical framework involves making a decision that creates the greatest good for the greatest number of people quizlet?

The utilitarian approach gives the most benefit to the largest number of individuals.

What factors do you evaluate before making a decision?

Reasonability. First, go through this choice with your reasonable, analytical intellect. – Feelings. – Personal relationships. – Alignment is a term that is used to describe the process of aligning – Legal advice. – Negative Forces – The price. – There’s a Risk and There’s a Reward.

What are the factors that you consider before making your decision?

– Consider what you really want. – Seek advice from others. – Examine your motivations. – Weigh the benefits and drawbacks. – Consider if your future decision may cause harm to yourself or others.

What are the factors that you consider before making your decision explain?

Resist the urge to succumb to stress. – Set aside some time for yourself (if possible). – Weigh the benefits and drawbacks. – Consider your objectives and values. – Think about all of your options. – Have a conversation about it. – Keep a journal. – Make a plan for how you’ll inform others.

What is the first question one should ask when making ethical business decisions?

Consider this: Are my acts legal? Are there any laws, regulations, or policies that limit your options or actions? Would your choice be considered unethical? What would your choice look like if it was broadcast on the news or in a public forum? 03.02.2022

Which of the following is the first step in the ethical decision making process?

The first phase in the decision-making process is to identify a problem, which entails digging further into the issue and figuring out what’s causing it.

What is the first step in ethical decision making quizlet?

The first stage in making an ethical choice is to understand that an ethical problem demands a person or work group to select between multiple behaviors that will eventually be judged as right or incorrect by different stakeholders.

What is a common first step when drafting an ethics code for a business?

The first stage in creating a corporate code of conduct is to determine what the guidelines are for and why they are important. 23.11.2020

What are the 8 steps in ethical decision making?

The following are the eight steps: 1) determine the problem or difficulty, 2) determine the probable concerns, and 3) evaluate the appropriate ethical codes 4) be familiar with all related rules and regulations 5) seek advice, 6) analyze potential and likely courses of action, and 7) list the repercussions of different options


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Ethics is the study of what is select or select. It is a branch of philosophy that deals with questions concerning morality and justice, including how one should live. The first thing a business should evaluate when making decisions is ethics. Reference: ethics is the study of what is select or select ..

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