Each Employee or Customer Who Uses a Computer in a Large Business Is Which Kind of User??

Similarly, Which of the following is a personal computer that users can carry?

A laptop computer, sometimes known as a notebook computer, is a compact personal computer that is meant to be portable.

Also, it is asked, How computers are used in business?

Companies utilize computers to communicate internally and externally through email, messenger systems, conferencing, and word processing. Search engines and proprietary databases may be used by businesses to investigate industry trends, patents, trademarks, new customers, and rivals.

Secondly, Which of the following is a business that provides individuals and companies access to the Internet?

A corporation that offers Internet connections and services to people and companies is known as an Internet service provider (ISP). ISPs may also give software packages (such as browsers), e-mail accounts, and a personal Web site or home page in addition to Internet connectivity.

Also, What are the uses of computer?

It can store, retrieve, and process information. You may already be aware that a computer may be used to compose papers, send email, play games, and surf the Internet. It also allows you to edit and create spreadsheets, presentations, and movies.

People also ask, What computer that is also known as personal computer?

A microcomputer is currently more often referred to as a personal computer (PC), or a device based on a single-chip CPU. Laptops and desktop computers are examples of common microcomputers. Microcomputers include calculators, mobile phones, laptops, workstations, and embedded systems in addition to traditional PCs.

Related Questions and Answers

How does a business use a computer for customer interaction?

Computers are used to communicate with one another. This is a critical corporate computer tool that allows a company to engage with its customers through email, instant messaging, Skype, collaboration software, and a variety of other communication options.

What are the major types of computer software used in business?

Business software that is often used Accounts software, billing software, payroll software, database software, asset management software, and desktop publishing software are all examples of software that may be used to create documents.

What is access provider?

Any entity that provides for a person or an organization to get Internet connection is known as an access provider. Internet service providers (ISPs) and online access providers (OSPs) are the two types of access providers (OSPs).

What is ISP and its types?

An internet service provider (ISP) may offer one or more forms of internet service, often known as connection types. Cable, fiber, DSL (Digital Subscriber Line), and satellite internet are the most frequent varieties. Broadband refers to a high-speed internet connection. The internet with a non-broadband connection is slower.

What is an ISP quizlet?

An internet service provider (ISP) is a company that provides access to the internet. a company or organization that offers internet connection.

Where are computers widely used?

1. Educational establishments. 2. Hospitals and the medical profession.

Which is the most common types of computer?

Microcomputers. A microcomputer, commonly known as a personal computer, is intended for single-user operation. The word “microcomputer” refers to the microprocessor that is utilized to process data and instructions codes. Because they are not extremely costly, they are the most prevalent computer kinds.

What is multi-user computer?

A multi-user system, when referred to a computer operating system, is a computer with an operating system that supports several users at the same time or at separate times. In terms of the internet, Terms related to operating systems.

Which of the following are considered as large computers which support many users?

A mainframe is a sophisticated multi-user computer that may accommodate hundreds or thousands of users at the same time.

What is the type of computer is used by the majority of the people in their daily lives?

The most prevalent computer kinds nowadays are laptops, handheld devices, wearable technology, and desktops. Desktop computers are the most common kind of computer, and they can run a wide range of applications and connect to the Internet.

What is microcomputer and mini computer?

Minicomputers are mostly used for administrative chores, word processing, process management, and other similar applications. Microcomputers are mostly used for database management, graphics, word processing, and other tasks. 9. Microcomputers have a lower processing power. Minicomputers have higher processing power.

What are the three types of computers?

Computer Characteristics Computers that work on analog signals. Computers that are digital. Computers that are hybrids.

What is the use of technology in customer relationship management?

In order to meet the demands of consumers, CRM relies on technology as a partner. It enriches their connection by demonstrating that the organization understands their needs.

What is customer service technology?

Customer service technology is a collection of software and hardware solutions aimed at enhancing the customer experience and equipping agents to provide better support and service. Technology advances in customer service enable organizations to create a more customized contact experience while also saving money.

How is computer network used in marketing and sales?

Both marketing and sales firms make heavy use of computer networks. They’re used by marketing professionals to gather, share, and evaluate data on client demands and product development cycles.

What types of software are helpful for large businesses?

What kinds of software are beneficial to huge corporations? Invoicing software for businesses. Asset management software. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software. The database management system. Word is being processed by the program.

What is the most used computer software?

We Use Five Computer Programs Every Day Microsoft Windows is a computer operating system developed by Microsoft. Windows is likely to be the face that meets you every day when you switch on your computer, despite the fact that it is not exactly a computer program (it is an operating system). Internet Explorer is a web browser developed by Microsoft. Microsoft Office and Outlook are two of the most popular programs. McAfee Antivirus is an antivirus program developed by McAfee. Adobe Acrobat PDF.

What is software in computer and its types?

Software is a collection of programs that are intended to execute a certain task. A program is a collection of instructions designed to address a specific issue. There are two sorts of software: system software and application software. Software for applications.

What is computer communication?

1. The process through which individuals use networked communication technologies to generate, trade, and interpret information. It also comprises non-networked computers that help with information encoding, transmission, and decoding.

How many types of computer communication are there?

Simplex, half-duplex, and full-duplex are the three kinds of telecommunication and computer networking channels to be aware of.

What is primary ISP?

An Internet Service Provider (ISP) is a corporation that offers Internet access to businesses, families, and even mobile customers, such as AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, or Spectrum. ISPs offer Internet connection to their consumers through fiber optics, satellite, copper wire, and other methods.

What is an online service provider?

An online service provider (OSP) is a company that provides digital internet communications transmission, routing, or connections. An online service provider (OSP) is a company that provides online services or network access.

What is access provider give one example?

A service business that offers communication linkages into other networks is known as an access provider. An ISP is the most frequent example (Internet service provider). A local or long-distance phone provider is another example.

What are the types of service providers?

Service providers are divided into three categories: Provider of internal services. The Shared Services Unit is a group of people that work together to provide services Provider of external services.


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