Electronic Business Includes Which of the Following??

Similarly, Which of the following is the example of E-Business?

Amazon, Flipkart, Ebay, Ajio, and other e-commerce sites fall under the category of e-business since they all operate only over the internet. Between buyers and sellers, transactions are carried out through the internet.

Also, it is asked, What does E-Business mean?

Any procedure that a business organization does through a computer-mediated network is referred to as E-Business (electronic business). Any for-profit, governmental, or nonprofit organization qualifies as a business organization. Production, customer, and internal or management-focused business processes are all included in their processes.

Secondly, Which of the following is not one of the major categories of e-commerce businesses?

C2B isn’t one of the most common e-commerce models. When consumers give goods or services to companies, this is known as the C2B model.

Also, What are the 3 types of e-commerce?

Business-to-business (websites like Shopify), business-to-consumer (websites like Amazon), and consumer-to-consumer (websites like Amazon) are the three primary categories of e-commerce (websites such as eBay)

People also ask, What is e-business and its features?

E-business is a phrase that refers to commercial transactions that take place through the internet. As a result, it is a sort of company where the customer and seller do not meet face to face. ‘ E-business refers to any form of commercial transaction that takes place through the internet, including the sale of products and the provision of services to customers.

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What are e-business applications?

E-business apps are web-based programs that may be used by organizations to complete tasks. These apps aren’t only for internet companies; they’re also useful for brick-and-mortar shops. E-business programs depend on links between corporate servers and end user PCs behind the scenes.

What are the five categories of e-commerce?

Business-to-Business (B2B), Business-to-Consumer (B2C), Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C), Consumer-to-Business (C2B), Business-to-Administration (B2A), and Consumer-to-Administration (C2A) are the six primary forms of e-commerce, and each represents a distinct buying dynamic.

Which of the following is not an e-commerce company?

Google Maps is the right answer. The lone Google map among the possibilities is NOT an e-commerce website. Google Maps is a digital mapping tool created by Google for route planning for walking, driving, cycling, flying (in beta), and using public transit.

Which of the following e-commerce business model is also a part of e governance?

Government to Citizen (G2C) is an e-commerce business model that is also a component of E-governance since it allows ordinary people to access government services while also allowing the government to provide updates, notifications, and information via their e-governance website.

Which of the following is not a component of e-commerce process?

Solution: E-commerce does not include preservation as one of the three stages.

What are the main activities of e-commerce?

Buying and selling products online are examples of E-Commerce activities. Ticketing through the internet. Payment may be made over the internet. Various taxes must be paid. Accounting software that is accessible online. Customer service is available online.

Which of the following is not a characteristic of business?

* Goods production. Option b) A parent educating his kid is not a business attribute.

Does e-business include e-commerce?

E-commerce and e-business are comparable but not identical since e-commerce refers to purchasing and selling things online alone, but e-business encompasses a broader variety of business activities that include supply chain management, electronic order processing, and customer relationship management.

What is e-business class 12?

The administration of doing business on the internet is known as e-business or electronic business. This would entail purchasing and selling products or services through the internet, as well as offering technical or customer assistance.

What is e-business explain the importance of e-business?

Companies utilize e-business, also known as e-commerce, to offer products and services through the Internet. In the field of corporate technology, there has been tremendous expansion in recent years. Technology is used by businesses to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

What is E business answer in one sentence?

An e-business is a company that sells products or services through the internet rather than having physical stores or offices that customers may visit or call. Buying, selling, and ordering products and services through the internet is referred to as e-business.

What is an example of a business-to-business company?

Business-to-Business (B2B) is an example (B2B) Samsung, for example, is one of Apple’s most important suppliers in the iPhone’s manufacture. Apple also has business-to-business agreements with Intel, Panasonic, and Micron Technology, among others. The car sector relies heavily on B2B transactions.

What type of goods are to be sold through the E-Business?

The products sold by e-commerce enterprises may be divided into three categories: Books, toys, furniture, and appliances are examples of physical products. Software, e-books, music, text, photos, and video are examples of digital products. Tickets and insurance are examples of services.

What are E-Business services?

Organizations that assist other companies utilize e-business technology to enhance operations are known as e-business service providers (eBSPs). This might include things like designing, building, and operating a company’s website or improving a company’s procurement operations.

Which is not a function of e-commerce?

E-commerce does not enable effective salesmanship. Electronic commerce, or e-commerce, is a new approach in the business world that allows dealers to sell and purchase things through the internet.

Which of the following is not considered is one of the 3 phase of e-commerce?

E-commerce does not include preservation as one of the three stages. Preservation is the act of preserving something the same or preventing it from being harmed.

Which of the following is part of the four main types for e-commerce *?

the answer (By Examveda Team) The four primary categories of ecommerce are B2B, B2C, and C2B.

Which are the 4 phases of e-commerce?

Consumer Engagement In E-Commerce Has Four Stages First and foremost, go back to basics. Make It Familiar in Phase III. Create a conversation in Phase IV.

Which of following is part of e-governance?

Government to Government (G2G), Government to Citizen (G2C), Government to Business (G2B), and Government to Employees are the four key components of e-governance (G2E).

Which one of the following is correct about e-commerce?

the answer (By Examveda Team) Ecommerce is defined as doing business through the internet.

Which is not a function of e-commerce Mcq?

E-commerce does not include marketing as a function.

Which of the following is not a business activity?

[d] Wages or salaries are not a feature of company activity. Business activities are those that are carried out with the intention of making a profit. It is a constant and predictable flow of products or services with the goal of making a profit.

Which of the following is the characteristics of a business?

All of the selections are business-related attributes. Producing items is done with the intention of selling them for a profit. There is no such thing as a risk-free enterprise. Theft, fire, natural disasters, changes in client preferences, and other factors all pose a risk of loss.


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